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07 Sep 2023

New page:                 NEW.GIF  BIEN HOA 1966

20 Aug 2023

New page:  Bien Hoa History 1964-1965   

03 May 2023

New page:  Udorn  History  1966  the year the HH-3E took over ACR from the HH-43B

07 Mar 2023

New page:  HH-43B   Pleiku  History   1965-1966            

23 Nov 2022

New page:  HH-43B   Takhli   History   1964-1966       

11 Aug 2022

New page:  HH-43B   Korat   History   1964-1966  

29 Oct 2021

New page:  HH-43B   Udorn    History   1965   

23 Jul 2021

New page:  HH-43B  Thule    History  1962 - 1970 

01 Apr 2021

New page:  HH-43B  Ubon     History  1965-1966  

29 June 2020

New page:  HH-43B  NKP      History  1964-1965   

30 Apr 2020

Deleted the F-102 pages (formerly part of this website)

07 Feb 2019

New page:   H-43A Service History :   H-43A History

07 Jan 2019

New Welcome page

19 May 2018

Added  Website   “Ragay.nl”   -    Privacy Policy

01 Aug 2017

display aircraft 59-1578 was transferred from Kirtland AFB, NM to Robins AFB, GA in the Spring of 2017

15 Jan 2017

Added two photos taken by Mr. Sean Carroll for a tailboom swap between HOK 129801 and 125530. Please click on "129801" (table, at right)  in the page "H-43 Preserved" 

01 Jan 2017

Happy New Year !   -  various updates have been made to many pages. Especially the page "HOK Design Development Test" has been updated with a lot of new information, for which I have to thank Mr. A.D. Rita.

23 Sep 2016

new pages for "HTK History"   and  "HTK Drones"  

12 Jun 2016

Various updates for several H-43 pages. At this moment nearly all webpages from the old H-43 website have been re-arranged and placed within this new website. In the coming period of time I will place some pages for the F-102A part of my website.

02 May 2016

This new website is now on line. Not only this website contains the pages of the old website h43-huskie.info , but I have taken the opportunity to include webpages devoted to other parts of my aviation related interest.

During the 1980ties I  spent a lot of time researching the service history of the Convair F-102A Delta Dagger in Europe. This resulted in a book which was published in 1991 by Squadron/Signals Publications.

In Feb 2009 I published my first book related to the H-43  : "Kaman H-43 Huskie - A Lifetime after Military Service". See opening page for details.

Most updates for this moment go to the page "H-43 Preserved" , with a lot of new pictures put in sub-pages.


Johan Ragay, Netherlands       email address :  johan.ragay@gmail.com

November 2015 My previous website : www.h43-huskie.info  was taken off-line