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The website “”  , is a website without commercial aim, based on an aviation related hobby, resident in Den Haag, the Netherlands, and is responsible for the processing of personal notes as presented in this Privacy Statement. 

This website is devoted to the service history of the Kaman H-43 Huskie and to the service history of the Convair F-102A Delta Dagger. History researched by  Johan Ragay.


Contact information :   

Johan Ragay is the webmaster and the person who handles the personal notes of  the website “”. He can be reached via email :


Personal notes which are filed :

The webmaster of  website “”  is processing your personal information ( name and email address), which you yourself have given through making contact with the website.

Here you will find a review of personal information which is processed :

- First name and surname

- E-mail address

- Being friends sometimes also home-address and telephone number , if these were provided by themselves.


Special and sensitive personal information which are processed.

This website has no intention to collect information concerning website visitors, nor younger than 16 years old, nor older of age. If you are convinced that we have collected personal information whitout consent concerning one under age or someone else, please seek contact via email :      In that case we will remove that information.


With what purpose and based on which principle personal information is processed.

The website “” is processing personal information with the following purpose :

- To be able to send you an email if needed to communicate about the provided information or photographs.

- To be able to inform you about changes made on one of the webpages.


Automatically decision-making.

The website “” does not make decisions on the basis of Automatically processing concerning matters which may have consequences for persons. This concerns decisions made by computerprograms or computer systems, without actions of a human being (such as the webmaster of “”).

The website  “”  is using the following software or computer systems :

- Windows 10 installed on a home computer, and Microsoft Word.

- “Digicompleet” software of the hosting company “Segestia Solutions” Full-Service Software and Internetoffice, based at Son en Breugel, Netherlands.


How long will personal information be saved.

The website “” is saving your personal information as long as this is needed to fulvil the goals for which your information is collected. We have the following term of saving for the following categories of personal information :

Name, email address   -  term of saving : as long as this website will be on line.


Share personal information with third-parties.

The website “” is providing personal information solely to third parties if requested by someone, and also only after the person in question has given permission to do so. In general that person shall be asked to make contact with that “third” party by himself.


Cookies, or equal techniques which will be used.

The website “”  does not use cockies of equal techniques.


To consult information or to remove these.

You have the right to review your personal information, to correct these and to remove them. Next you have the right to withdraw your consent for saving your personal information or to raise objections against processing your personal information by “” and you have the right of transferable of information. Which means that you can request transfer of personal information to yourself of an other person, or an organization given by you.

You can send a request for inquiry, correction, removing, transfer of personal information or a request to withdraw your consent or objections against processing, to : . 

The website “” would like to inform you that you have the possibility to put a complaint to the (Netherlands) “Nationale toezichthouder, de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” . This is possible to use the following link :


How we secure personal information.

The website “” is taking the protection of your personal information serious and is taking measurements against abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted publication and unallowed changes. If you have the impression that personal information is not saved properly or if there are indications of abuse, please make contact with the webmaster through email :


update 19/05/2018