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Classic Rotors  (The Rare and Vintage Rotorcraft Museum, Ramona, CA) stated in it's  29 June 2002 news bulletin : "With the support of Hawkins & Powers Aviation in Greybull, Wyoming, Classic Rotors has acquired three H-43 helicopters. Two of these were in wrecks and will be used for parts to rebuild the third one to flying condition. 
Mr. Mark DiCiero founded Classic Rotors in 1992.  With the support of many volunteers and donations, Classic Rotors now has over 45 rotorcraft and attends more than a dozen air shows per year.

Sid Nanson visited Ramona, CA in June 2003 and confirmed the identity of the three airframes as follows : 
HH-43A 58-1823    , in original USAF grey color   (formerly registered as N2843J),
HH-43A 58-1840    , in original USAF grey color   (formerly registered as N2856J),
UH-43C   146320   , in original US Navy colors   



HUK 146321 side RamonaCA2002 viaSMock

HUK 146320  at Ramona, CA during 2002 (via Steve Mock)

HUK 146321 RamonaCA Jun2003 SidNanson

HUK 146320 at Ramona, CA during June 2003 (credit Sid Nanson)

UH-43C (HUK-1) 146320 will be restored by Classic Rotors .

The airframe of 58-1823 was eventually scrapped  in California after stripping of useful parts and the airframe of 58-1840 was sitting on its "back" at Ramona, CA (June 2003) .

H43 Ramona CA 26Oct04 viaVGrunsvenOn 26 October 2004 this picture was taken at Ramona, CA ; various parts were marked as "58-1840" (collection Jerry VanGrunsven) 


On 02 December 2005  a fourth Huskie , N2856J (mainly based on HUK 146321) arrived at Ramona, CA after Classic Rotors purchased it in a sale held earlier that year.


146321 N2856J RamonaCA 03Dec05 TRobinson

N2856J  after arrival from Greybull, WY  , seen here  at  Ramona, CA  the next morning  03Dec 2005 , photo by T. Robinson


The following pictures of N2856J were taken by Jerry VanGrunsven during his visit to the Museum hangar at Ramona, CA on 14 January 2007:

N2856J Ramona 14Jan07 VGrunsven03 500

N2856J Ramona 14Jan07 VGrunsven05 500

N2856J Ramona 14Jan07 VGrunsven10 500

N2856J Ramona 14Jan07 VGrunsven24 500

Note the  "BuNo 146321" plate





146320 22 Adelanto 02Feb2009 Jerry vG 500

146320 18 Adelanto 02Feb2009 Jerry vG 500

These pictures of HUK 146320 (yet without civil registration) were taken by Jerry VanGrunsven during his visit to the Classic Rotors Museum facility at Adelanto, CA on 02 February 2009 



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