Pilot Training

Kaman Aerospace Corp. , Bloomfield ,CT 

The Huskie is used for K-MAX training classes, customer flights and pilot proficiency 


The following  three pictures were taken by  Mr. P. Fauchère :  HH-43F  60-0289  N43FK  at Bloomfield, CT in  April 2003

600289 N43FK Apr03 Fauchere 400

600289 N43FK Apr03 Fauchere Heinz 400

600289 N43FK Apr03 Fauchere2 400

600289 N43FK Apr04 Grosjean 400

This picture was taken during April 2004 at Bloomfield, CT by  Mr. M. Grosjean 


Mr. Patrick Fauchère and Mr. Michel Grosjean , both from Switzerland, are longtime  K-MAX  pilots  who return to Bloomfield, CT yearly to get their K-MAX-refresh courses. 
For a complete review of all K-MAX aircraft, please visit this superb  website  , built by Mr. Herzig.

N43FK  during a test flight in front of the Flight Test Hangar at Bloomfield , CT on 4 August 2006  ;photo by Johan Ragay

N43FK Bloomfield 4Aug2006 Ragay 1912sm

N43FK Bloomfield 4Aug2006 Ragay 1908sm

N43XK Bloomfield 4Aug2006 Ragay 1854sm

N43XK Bloomfield 4Aug2006 Ragay 1872sm

 N43XK  in perfect condition inside the Kaman Flight Test Hangar , Bloomfield , CT on 4 August 2006  ; photo by Johan Ragay


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