HH-43BKACBC   BLOOMFIELD               30/10/196113/11/1961 
HH-43B CARC        DET.21GRAND FORKS13/11/196101/02/1964 
HH-43B CARC        DET.3GRAND FORKS01/02/196407/08/1964 
HH-43B CARC        DET.2MINOT07/08/196412/08/1964*
HH-43B CARC        DET.2DA NANG12/08/196401/09/1964TDY
HH-43B PARC        DET.PROV.2DA NANG01/09/196410/11/1964 
HH-43B PARC        DET.PROV.2NAKHON PHANOM10/11/196430/06/1965**
HH-43B PARC        38 ARS, DET.1NAKHON PHANOM30/06/196529/11/1965 
HH-43B PARC        38 ARS, DET.2TAKHLI29/11/196508/01/1966 
HH-43BPARRC3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.2TAKHLI08/01/1966*** 
HH-43BTHABT  DON MUANG               ***14/10/1966***
HH-43BPARRC3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.2TAKHLI14/10/196602/05/1967 
HH-43BPARRC3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.12NHA TRANG02/05/196701/06/1967 
HH-43BPARRC3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.13PHU CAT01/06/196710/10/1968 
HH-43BPARRC3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.12NHA TRANG10/10/196808/02/1969 
HH-43B41 ARRW3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.12NHA TRANG08/02/196924/02/1969 
HH-43B41 ARRW3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.12NHA TRANG24/02/196905/03/1969EN ROUTE
HH-43B41 ARRW3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.12U TAPAO05/03/196907/03/1970 
HH-43BWRAAR  KORAT                           07/03/197017/03/1970CONTRACT WORK
HH-43B41 ARRW3 ARRG38 ARRS, DET.12U TAPAO17/03/197001/07/1971 
HH-43B 41 ARRW 3 ARRG, DET.12U TAPAO01/07/197123/08/1971 
HH-43BWRAAR  KORAT                            23/08/197105/09/1971DEPOT WORK FOR
HH-43FWRAAR  KORAT                            05/09/197105/09/1971MODIF TO F
HH-43F 41 ARRW  3 ARRG, DET.12U TAPAO 05/09/197124/10/1971 
HH-43F 41 ARRW 3 ARRG, DET.12U TAPAO24/10/197120/08/1972 
HH-43F 41 ARRW 40 ARRS                NAKHON PHANOM 20/08/197218/01/1973 
HH-43F 41 ARRW 40 ARRS, DET.12 U TAPAO18/01/197307/09/1974 
HH-43F 41 ARRW 56 ARRS                KORAT07/09/197428/02/1975 
HH-43F 41 ARRW 40 ARRS, DET.12 U TAPAO28/02/197530/08/1975 
HH-43F 41 ARRW  CLARK                            30/08/197501/04/1976EN ROUTE
HH-43F 41 ARRW  CLARK                            01/04/1976--RECLAMATION


               *       Aircraft arrived from Minot AFB, ND on the 12th August 1964 ; personnel arrived 10 AUG.     (source : Mr. J.Christianson)
              **     Aircraft arrived at NKP on 10 NOV 1964    (source : Mr. J. Christianson)
              ***   no date was given for the start of the "Contract Work"  ; the work done was also  listed as "APRFE".


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