tn_1370PMW emblem    HH-43B flying for the 1370th  PMW      1963 - 1966     
A survey compiled by Johan D. Ragay

1963-1964    AST #7
1964-1966    AST #4


The activities of AST #4 were already written down on the following webpage, part of  "H-43 USAF units ATLANTIC".

The review on this page is about AST #7. Based on information gained from USAF documents (AFHRA) and personal accounts from the men who were assigned to these missions.
A review also, which would have been very incomplete without the assistance of  Mr. Jim Kinter Sr., webmaster of the 1370th PMW website and three persons who have contributed to the 1370th website by provinding photographs. I am very lucky to be able to use those H-43 pictures again on this website.
These gentlemen are : Mr. Bill Ahern , Mr. Jim Campbell and Mr. Chuck Presley.

For the 1370th PMW website click here, or directly to 1370/AST #4 and 1370/AST #7.


AST#7 - Aerial Survey Team 7 -  was assigned a mission over New Guinea during 1963-1964. 
For this purpose two HH-43B were assigned, next to a USN   H-34.
These two HH-43B were the only Huskies ever assigned to the 1370th PMW directly (in stead of borrowing them from ARS LBR DETs such as in the case of the AST#4 operations) :

HH-43B   59-1569  nicknamed  "Wallaby 1"                        For pictures click heretn_591569 HH43B logo Wallaby1 sm 
HH-43B   60-0268  nicknamed  "South Sea Sue"                  For pictures click here  tn_600268 HH43B PortMoresby sm

Giving H-43s  a nickname  is very rare, as far as known now. According to Mr. Presley these names were already applied before August 1963.  Both aircraft arrived in New Guinea on 6 June 1963.



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