624538 LeBourget Jun63 Joop deGroot 87

600288 012 DullesIntAP 27May72 Canavbooks 87

600289 N43FK 04Aug2006 JDRagay IMG_1903 87

591576 N43XK 04Aug2006 JDRagay1859 87

624514 N559D Montana 26Sep2005 JDRagay0792 87

624518 010 Uetersen May73 EBayJan16 87


The following Chapters can be found in this part of the website :

Kaman H-43  production totals

Kaman HTK   Kaman HTK  History   and  Kaman HTK  Drones

Kaman HOK   assigned to US Marines

Kaman HUK   assigned to US Navy


NEW.GIF HH-43B  NKP  History 1964 - 1965 

         H-43A  Service  History 


Kaman H-43 Huskie assigned to USAF :

organization CONUS     (Continental US)

organization PACAF     (SEA and units elsewhere in the Pacific)

                                                                                                              serials of PACAF assigned aircraft

organization Atlantic   (Europe and Northern Africa)

                                                                                                              serials of Atlantic assigned aircraft

Pedro Call Sign usage in SEA, PACAF, Atlantic and CONUS



HH-43B  assigned to 1370th PMW, AST #4  and AST #7     1963 -1966


Kaman H-43 Huskie , after military service, flying with CIVIL registration

Kaman H-43 Huskie Preserved

Kaman H-43 Huskie storage at MASDC, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

Kaman H-43 in Foreign service

Kaman Rotor Tips magazine

Mixed information H-43




139992 El Toro May58 ChrisKnott 87

146311 NATC AndrewsAFB 10May59 SteveMiller 87

600284 May62

624521 SHill

581835 CDamonte06

624537 Wethersfield Jun68 SteveHill cor 87


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