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This website is devoted to 

     >>  the service history of the Kaman H-43 Huskie

     >>  the service history of the Convair F-102A Delta Dagger 


                                                     History researched by  Johan Ragay

HANS Huskie N559D 26Sep05 

Johan (left) in  HH-43F   N559D  Montana   26 Sep 2005


Kaman H-43 Huskie ,

it's military service for

  >  the US Marines       (HOK-1, OH-43D),

  >  the US Navy            (HUK-1, UH-43C),

  >  the US Air Force     (H/HH-43A ,

                                       H/HH-43B , HH-43F)

600288 012 DullesIntAP 27May72 Canavbooks 87


The content is based on personal research efforts, done since the late 1970ties. Documents from official sources like those from the "Air Force Historical Research Agency" (AFHRA), Maxwell AFB, AL are the basis of the content. 



Kaman H-43 Huskie helicopters in their second life, after military service, flying for crop-dusting, forest fire-fighting, forest fertilizing and logging companies as well as in use for lifting jobs (Model K-600, K-600-3, HH-43A, HH-43B/F)

publication in 2009


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                                                                                                                                                                              HANS QF102A Tyndall 09Oct80 JDRagay

 Tyndall AFB, FL   09 Oct 1980




HANS Huskie N43FK 04Aug06.JPG

Kaman, Bloomfield, CT  03 Aug 2006




HH43F 624514 N559D 26Sep2005 JDRagay 900

HH-43F N559D (62-4514),  Montana   26 Sep 2005

Convair TF/F-102A Delta Dagger ,

it's military service for

> the US Air Force        561032 F102A 32FIS Waddington 14Sep63 160


> as PQM-102A/B drone

561249 PQM102B 811 Tyndall Nov82 Sperring 87






F102 In USAF Europe Sqn Signal Publ Inc 1991

publication in 1991





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