3.10   Known crewmembers who have been assigned to unknown H-43A units


3.10.1    Capt D.W. Thomas logged 391 hours in the H-43A

                                                (source : Kaman RotorTips , issue Apr 1963 , page 14 )


3.10.2    "1000-Hour Pilot Award"   - (photo)  Capt Price S. Summerhill, commander of Det 8, CARC, Selfridge AFB, Mich., is greeted by Capt Anthony G. Volonis after logging 1000th hour in a Kaman helicopter. In an other photo, Captain Summerhill congratulates Capt Ernest L. Neville, also of Det 8, upon reaching the same milestone.

Both HH-43B pilots, who also flew in HH-43A's, will receive the award given by KAC in recognition of this achievement.

                                                 (source : Kaman RotorTips issue  Oct-Nov64-page 14)


3.10.3   "1000-Hour Pilot Awards"

Thousand-hour plaque have been pre-sented by the company to Capt Henry P. Fogg, Det 7, EARRC, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.   

Captain Fogg, who passed the magic mark while on duty in Southeast Asia, flew his time in HH-43A and HH-43B helicopters.

                                                 (source : Kaman RotorTips, issue  Nov-Dec67 , page 15)


3.10.4   Milestoners

During the month of March 1970, two HH-43 pilots attached to Det 8, 41st ARRWg, passed important milestones in their flying careers.

Maj Welton C. Ritchie, Jr., logged his 2,000th hour of HH-43A and B time . 

                                                 (source : Kaman RotorTips, issue May-Jun-Jul-1970 , - page 10  )





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