HH-43B   60-0268  nicknamed  "South Sea Sue"


600268 HH43B 1370PMWPortMoresby Late63 Presley1

"South Sea Sue"  HH-43B  60-0268 , Port Moresby, New Guinea  late 1963 . The mountains in the background were the high altitude locations to which the Huskies flew with supplies. All cargo was carried in an external sling under the aircraft.  (photo by Chuck Presley)

600268 HH43B 1370PMWPortMoresby Late63 Presley2

00268  taking off from Port Moresby Airport, New Guinea  late 1963  (photo by Chuck Presley)

600268 HH43B AST7 NewGuinea63 BillAhern1

Mr. Bill Brown is hooking up a cargo net to 00268  at Telefomin, New Guinea  during 1963  (photo by Bill Ahern)

600268 HH43B AST7 NewGuinea63 BillAhern2

And here is Mr. Bill Ahern hooking up a cargo net to 00268  at Telefomin, New Guinea  during 1963  (photo  Bill Ahern)

600268 landing NewGuinea1964 Campbell

 00268  just about to land at  Port Moresby Airport,  February 1964  (photo by Jim Campbell)

600268 pilots NewGuinea1964 SouthSeaSue Campbell

The aircraft nickname is clearly seen in this picture, together with their pilots Capt. Meetze and Capt. Firse, Port Moresby Feb 1964 
(photo by Jim Campbell) 

Capt. John A. Firse was awarded the MATS Safety Achievement Award for successful autorotation into a jungle clearing after engine failure sometime during late 1963 (source AFHRA document).

600268 PortMoresby NwGuinea 1964 Campbell

60-0268  ready for take-off from Port Moresby, New Guinea  during February 1964   (photo by Jim Campbell)

600268 PortMoresby NwGuinea Feb64 Campbell

00268 during February 1964 inspection by Mr. Ken Kogge and Mr. Bob Steele; Port Moresby, NG  (photo by Jim Campbell)


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