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“Southeast Asia”

The number of "saves" recorded by the 38th Aero­space Rescue and Recovery Squadron, Tan Son Nhut AB, South Vietnam, recently passed the 100 mark with the rescue of six Army aircrewmen. "Saves" are identi­fied as rescuing a person in immediate danger of being killed or captured. The 38th has made 104 "saves" al­though pickups by the squadron go into the hundreds.

Capt Franklin L. Chase and his HH-43 crew rescued the six Army men. The HUSKIE was on the scene within 25 minutes after receiving a distress call. "The pickup was uneventful," Captain Chase said, "I wish I could say the same for all our pickups. "

In many of the 100-plus rescues, downed airmen were plucked literally from the hands of the enemy. Trees and terrain sometimes make it necessary to lower a pararescueman to assist during a pickup.

Recognition for their efforts has already been given to several ARRS pilots and crewmen who participated in, such hazardous missions. Among the most recent to receive such recognition is Capt Kenneth L. Spaur, now serving as commander of Det 5, WARRC, McChord AFB, Wash. Captain Spaur has been awarded the Silver Star for the rescue of a flier from a Viet Cong-dominated section of South Vietnam. He made the pickup Dec. 1, 1964, after searching the area in D-Zone for more than 20 minutes. At that time the Viet Cong reigned unchallenged in the Zone. The downed pilot had taken cover in the jungle while two VC squads dismantled his air­craft. After they left, he appeared and was spotted and picked up by Captain Spaur. At the time, the Captain was attached to a Bien Hoa AB recovery unit.


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