F-4C crash site  20-21 July 1966    


The following pictures were all taken by then Capt. Jerry VanGrunsven (pilot)

625978 Det3 Thailand65 66 VGrunsven4 600

HH-43B   62-5978    (photo by Mr. Jerry VanGrunsven)
Comment by Mr. VanGrunsven : "July 21, 1966 , 5978 is sitting in tall hemp about 16 miles east of Ubon AB, Thailand.
The man in the photo is Captain Henry Fogg , Commander of Det.3, 38th ARS.  The scene was near an F-4C crash
which had happened at just before Midnight the night before. The F-4C had been damaged by a missile and had
an engine fire and could not make it back to the runway. It flew into the ground and slide along for more then
half a mile, the pilot still in the front seat, survived. The weather was awful, very low ceiling, very limited visibility,
drizzle and very dark night. After a long search we located him and got him back to the base.
I was co-pilot on 978 during the search and recovery mission, pilot was Lt Ron Tubbs.
As soon as it was light I flew 978 back to the crash site with the investigators and the weapons people, that is
when I took the photo along with some photos of the crashed F-4C.
"      see below

F4C crashpath Thailand 21Jul66 VGrunsven 600

The crash-path of the F-4C described in the previous comment (credit Mr. Jerry VanGrunsven)

F4C 37695FG crash 21Jul66 VGrunsven 600 

F-4C 63-7695  "FG"   8 TFW, 555 TFS   (photos  by Mr. Jerry VanGrunsven)

F4C 37695FG crash 21Jul66 VGrunsven2 600 


F 4C 637695 21Jul66 nearUbon VGrunsven 600



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