PEDRO call sign


These pages are an attempt to have an overview of the use of the Call Sign "PEDRO" by the USAF HH-43 crews worldwide


The most early known use of the PEDRO call sign by HUSKIE crews was found in a mission report of the 33 ARS, Naha AB, Okinawa (source : AFHRA file K318.2 Jan-Dec 65,VOL.3)Mission #8, 12 Jan 65. Naha ADCC advised 33 ARS of an aircraft in distress. Pedro 1 was scrambled and an HU-16B on local airborne alert was diverted to the area of the distressed aircraft. The aircraft, an UH-34, was being escorted by another UH-34. ADCC advised the 33 ARS to recall the HH-43 and allow the HU-16 to continue its original mission when the UH-34 landed at White Beach. The mission was declared false and closed.

For CONUS, the earliest use of PEDRO  was found in an article titled  "DET 5 and 9 HH-43B's Rescues 138" in  Kaman RotorTips  , Apr-May65-p.14 
Two HH-43B's from  Det 9, WARC, Portland International Airport, Ore. , were aided in the rescue work by another HUSKIE from Det 5, WARC at McChord AFB, Wash.
Detachment 5 was called on after roads and bridges leading to Crystal Mountain were washed out, stranding over 300 skiers in the snow-covered area.
Operating under the call-names of Pedro 1, 2 and 3 , the crews were faced with turbulence so bad that the crew of Pedro 1 - Capt Thomas D. Precious, SSgt Enoch Benson, medic, and A3c George Lepsey, crewman - was temporarily delayed from takeoff.  Pedro 2 was manned by 1stLt Jason Bridge, Capt Paul Schildgen and A2c Richard Landry. Pedro 3, was piloted by Capt Andy Solberg while SSgt Howard Lord and TSgt Eddie Hagerman.

The following separte overviews are available :

PEDRO Call Sign    SEA -  Vietnam and Thailand

PEDRO  Call Sign   PACIFIC Air Rescue& Recovery Center (outside Vietnam-Thailand)    

PEDRO Call Sign   ATLANTIC Air Rescue& Recovery Center   



As a side note :  PEDRO was also used by the US Navy at some time , proved by a report in Kaman Rotor Tips issue Sep-Oct 1973,page 37 :  the SAR Alert from NAS Whiting Field, FL launched a Kaman UH-2C Seasprite with call-sign "Pedro 163" after a T-28 crashed.


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