Project AF58-3 , AST #4 was activated on 01 October 1963.  AST #4 (Aerial Survey Team #4) is part of MATS / APCS / 1370th PMW

This project was created by the MATS, APCS in order to photograph and map the entire Empire of Ethiopia.  The task was done by three RC-130A from 1370th PMW, Aerial Survey Team No.4.
For an excellant review of the work  done by the 1370 PMW and AST #4, please visit : 

(there is a remarkable photograph on the AST4-webpage taken from the rear of a RC-130A flying over HIRAN site #21, please compare this picture with those presented elsewhere on this website ; or click here)

The  DET.Prov.1, AARC  , equipped with three HH-43B was tasked with the construction and  support of all the  HIRAN Sites located at mountain tops all over Ethiopia . The Huskie, being famous for it's high-altitude performances, got this task in favour of the newly received CH-3C.


Photo by Mr. Neil McCutchan.


For several HIRAN Sites and other locations in Ethiopia I have received photographic evidence from the men who did the job. Sometimes  under very minor conditions, but still they had the historical importance in mind to make these photographs. I like to thank them very much for being able to use these unique pictures.

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So far there are pages for :

Site  # 14A,

                  Site # 18A,

                                  Site # 21,

                                                  Site # 22,

                                                                Site # 27      and 

                                                                                           for Awasa,

                                                                                           for Dodola

                                                                                           for Ginir

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