Please see the remarkable photograph at the end of this page, taken from the rear of a RC-130A flying over site #21


What about  LBR : LOCAL  BASE  RESCUE   ?   This was more pin-pointing to mountain-tops !



These three photos were taken by Mr. Neil McCutchan during the period Dec65-Mar66.
Mr McCutchan was  HH-43B pilot on TDY to Ethiopia from TUSLOG DET.84 (Incirlik AB).
I am greatful to him for being able to use his unique pictures.



The following two photos were taken by Mr. John Christianson who apparently visited the same mountain-top.
John, thank you very much for being able to use your unique photographs !

Site21 Christianson

Site21b Christianson 

HIRAN Site 21 is in the distant ; this photo is taken at Arba Minch Airport (nothing more than a dirt strip - in the dry season).

Site 21 is about 35 miles away from this airstrip.


Full credit of course goes to Mr. Marty Bak (photographer) and to Mr. Jim Kinter Sr., Webmaster-1370 PMW History.
I like to thank you for being able to place this photograph here.


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