139974 MASDC USAFphoto26Jun67 viaMock

OH-43D  139974  "WB-7"  seen in storage at the Davis Monthan AFB, AZ  boneyard with parkcode "5H003R2" on 26 June 1967
(USAF photo via Mr. Steve Mock / Mr. Keaveney

139974 Pima Mar76 HWRued

OH-43D  139974  "WB-7"  photographed at Pima Museum maintenance grounds during March 1976 (photo by Mr. H.W. Rued)


139974 Pima Jan1992 RDorr

OH-43D  139974  "WB-7"  photographed on display in the Pima Museum during January 1992 (photo by Mr. R. Dorr)





The following  pictures of  HOK-1  139974 were taken by Mr. Doug Frank  on 31 October 2006  ( Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ) 
Please note that the Huskie has received  new painting and titles , those of HMX-1  "23" 


139974 31Oct06 Frank3816sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3817sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3818sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3819sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3820sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3821sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3882sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3883sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3884sm.JPG

139974 31Oct06 Frank3887sm.JPG



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