Mr. A.D. Rita 's  contribution to this website


The pages devoted to the history of the Kaman models HTK , HOK and HUK , and especially the Research , Development  and Test flying aspects, have been developed with great support and contribution from Mr. Anthony D. Rita.

Mr. Rita worked for the Kaman Aircraft Corporation for more than 40 years and he ritired (in 2000, see the pictures here below) as Assistant Vice President of Engineering for Test and Development.

His knowledge of the design difficulties and the challenges experienced over so many years of testing is indispensable.

I am very honoured with all his contributions and I would like to thank Mr. Rita for sharing his knowledge and for his hugh support,

Johan Ragay



Rita Rotorblade Kaman hangar Aug06 1 


Rita Rotorblade Kaman hangar Aug06 2




update 22/01/2017