H-43 USAF units PACAF


Kaman HH-43 Huskie units in the PACAF  Region     1963 - 1975
A survey, compiled by Johan Ragay, based on USAF documents filed in the AFHRA, Maxwell AFB, AL



                The following overview is devided into blocks representing the different organization structures over the years 1963 thru 1975.
                For each period a separation is made for those organizations based in South Vietnam or Thailand (SEA ; blocks with green bar) , 
                and for those based elsewhere in the PACAF region (blocks with grey bar)


1. First Period :
    JUN 1963  -  01 JUL 1965
2. Second Period :
01 JUL 1965  -  08 JAN 1966     activation of 38 ARS
3. Third Period08 JAN 1966  -  08 FEB 1969     activation of 3 ARRG
4. Fourth Period :08 FEB 1969  -  01 JUL 1971     activation of 41 ARRW

5. Fifth Period     SEA :

                         PACAF :

01 JUL 1971  -  20 AUG 1972    de-activation of 38 ARRS

01 JUL 1971  -  1974

6. Sixth Period :
20 AUG 1972  -  1975               de-activation of 3 ARRG



                                                   Kaman H-43 Huskie serials PACAF

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                JUSTIFICATION :

                The individual aircraft histories presented in this SEA Unit Review were gained from the USAF Individual Aircraft History
                Records, which can be found in the Air Force History Research Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell AFB, AL.

                In most cases mutations from one unit to the other were administrated correctly, but sometimes there are gabs and sometimes
                other sources (documents found in the AFHRA files) gave different reassignment dates.

                The research into these individual aircraft records and the arrangement into tables and reviews was done by Johan Ragay.

                I like to thank Mr. Robert L. LaPointe (website : PJ's in Vietnam) for using some of the unit activation/deactivation data,
                published on his webpages under the tab " Outline".
                Thanking  Mr. Marek, editor of  www.talkingproud.us  and  Mr.  Stephen P. Mock, MSgt, USAF (Ret.) editor of  Pedro News

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